Welcome to EuroHPDirect.  A website dedicated to 911 Carrera owners who want to get a little more performance out of their 911, and possibly get a little dirty under the hood doing it. We strive to only offer the best products and provide the home mechanic as much information as possible for best product selection and for a successful installation.

How much more performance can an owner expect to get from a 911 Carrera (non-Turbo) from bolt on mods? Gains of about 10% on most normally-aspirated cars are normal, and this seems to also hold for the 911 Carrera. More than just performance gains, you will see your car get a change of character – louder induction noise, enticing exhaust sound, and better throttle response. Turbo Carrera models can gain much more power, often 100 HP or more with just a tune.

If you are looking for more than 10% gains and cannot afford to upgrade to a turbo model, consider a supercharger kit for gains of 30% or more. They are reasonably priced and can be installed over a weekend or two by the home mechanic.

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