Recommended Tools

  • A pump jack with jack stands, or better yet a Quickjack
  • Metric socket set
  • Metric wrenches, preferably rachet type
  • Metric spline socket set
  • Hex head socket set
  • Torx bit socket set
  • Vice grip set (useful to remove nuts and bolts, especially if stripped)
  • Breaker bar + 4' steel pipe (place pipe over breaker bar to add leverage to help loosen stuck bolts)
  • Electric driver with metric sockets (saves a lot of wrenching time)
  • 4-1/2" electric grinder with cutting wheels (sometimes comes in handy to cut bolts, exhaust, etc.)
  • Good tool vendors - Harbor Freight (inexpensive), Northern Tool (a little bit better quality), and NAPA Auto Parts (professional quality).  Other places to look for specialized euro tools is ECS Tuning who sells Schwaben brand. I am also seeing decent tools sold on Amazon, Home Depot and Lowes.



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